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          Extrema-dur IN HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE :
          – Increases compressive strength
          – Refines concrete pore structure and decreases permeability
          – Increases electrical resistivity of the concrete which, coupled with lower chloride difffusion rates, enhances corrosion resistance
          – Improves sulfate resistance
          – Improves resistance to many acids
          – Assists in suppressing alkali silica reaction
          – Improves pumpability
          – Improves abrasion resistance

          – Improves cohesion and resistanc to wash-out.
          – Reduces erosion and fogging underwater.
          – Improves erosion resistance.
          – Improves chloride and sulfate resistance.

          Extrema-dur IN SHOTCRETE :
          – Dramatically reduces rebound
          – Improves mix pumpability
          – Improves adhesion to the substrate, enabling thick, high build layers to be applied in a single pass
          – Reduces slumping of freshly applied shotcrete
          – Improves permeability, sulfate and chloride resistance

          Extrema-dur IN GROUTS AND REPAIR MORTARS :
          – Improves stability of grouts containing heavy aggregates
          – Improves pumpability and reduces presence of voids in the pumpline
          – Improves cohesion of the grout
          – High flow, high water grouts can be manufactured with reduced risk of segregation
          – Reduces bleeding which can otherwise weaken the exposed surface
          – Enables high build layers to be applied in a single pass.
          – Improves adhesion to the substate through enhanced chemical and mechanical bonding.